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Inner Light 07:28
Sovereignty 06:08
Emergence 06:35
Rebirth 04:53


This magical expression of the Feminine Energy was spontaneously co-created in a single 3-hour recording session during the time of the Gulf Oil Spill (April 2010), as both artists connected deeply to the energy of Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine within each of them. REBIRTH - Awakening the Feminine Energy is a multi-dimensional journey reflecting the evolution of the Feminine Energy from a personal, collective and Universal experience which we all hold in our cellular memory.

1. Rainbows of Innocence - The Age of Aquarius, the birth of our conscious awareness 26,000 years ago. A time of simple joys and wonder when all of our needs were met naturally. The Universe's covenant to mankind of a new beginning, a rebirth into a New Age.

2. Inner Light - The Ages of Capricorn and Sagittarius, we begin to explore the possibilities and discover our Inner Light, our Intuition, our Feminine connection to nature. From the darkness, an unconscious awareness of a mysterious, magical world is ignited in which the intuition awakens an inner light of understanding.

3. Sovereignty - The Age of Scorpio, the mind becomes aware of itself following the Age of Ophiuchus, which expands the mind's ability to remember. The conscious awareness of the supremacy of the feminine as the creator of life and bestower of knowledge and love. The Feminine Energy finds her voice.

4. Loving Embrace - The compassionate acceptance of ALL during the chaotic geological and environmental changes that are suddenly occurring during the Ages of Libra and Virgo. Mother Earth is changing and forcing us out of our secure environment as we rely upon our intuitive sense in order to survive. The Feminine Energy extends her loving embrace.

5. Cry from the Abyss - The Feminine Energy cries in pain during the Age of Leo as the awareness of the sun fills the mind and displaces the significance of the moon as the primary source of awareness. The unconscious is repressed and a new force of rational awareness dawns. The Sun now rules over the Moon, and our consciousness evolves from the dominance of the Feminine Intuition (inner), to the Masculine (outer) perception.

6. Moonlit Reflection - As our consciousness evolves through the Ages of Cancer and Gemini the Masculine Energy realizes that creation is not dependent upon the Feminine Intuitive Energy and learns how their daydreams can be manifested in their reality. The Moon offers the Feminine Energy a reflection and reminder of the Sovereignty held within. The Feminine Energy remains quiet, secretly waiting for us to remember our power. Night after night, the Moon waxes to Full and wanes to New, patiently reflecting the Universal cycles of feminine time.

7. Emergence - The Age of Taurus, the seed of Feminine Sovereignty slowly awakens within, along with the unconscious memories of its evolution. It reaches up from the depths of our soul, toward the light of our conscious awareness. The illumination of the Feminine Energy manifests the home, the hearth and the unification of the family, community and nation.

8. Rebirth - As we pass through the Age of Aries, full of pain and destruction through the male supremacy of conquest, and enter the Age of Pisces which brings about the great teachers of love and compassion, the Feminine Energy embraces the dreams of love, joy and peace as a new way of Being in the world. The rebirth of the Feminine Energy into the Age of Aquarius recognizes and embodies Sovereignty and Compassion as it unifies both the dark and the light, masculine and feminine, the inner worlds and the outer worlds, all of duality as One.

9. BONUS - Cry from the Abyss - Remix of Track 5 with multiple vocal overlays


Nine years ago, shortly before the Gulf Oil Spill in April 2010, I met the most beautiful spirit at one of my talks on vibrational resonance. Our souls recognized each other and on some level we remembered something we were here to co-create. A couple weeks later, Jessica called me out of the blue and asked, "Do you want to do some vibrational channeling?" She was stepping into a new form of vocal expression and was ready to explore. Without hesitation I said, "Yes!" ~ My husband, John, knew this connection was something special and we had to capture it in some way. He called his friend, Charles Murphy and asked if he could join us to record whatever was to 'come through'. We all met at the Columbia Foundation for the Arts, during a thunderstorm, and set up. We had no idea what was happening, other than we were there to express that which desired expression. I remember saying to Jessica afterwards, "If something happens to me tomorrow, I feel I've done what I'm here to do." <3

We chose to hold the CD close until a time when it wanted to be released. Today, in honor of Earth Day 2019, it is time to share this inspired expression of the Divine Feminine in all of us. <3



Jessica's YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCZBryJA65TiKeDVu4C327fw


Note: If you enjoyed this music, please consider downloading it. Every download helps us as an independent artists pay our bills and create more music. We're truly grateful for your support.


released April 22, 2019

Recording - Charles (Bobatu) Murphy
Audio Mastering - Adam Long
Producers - Jessica Goodenough Sanseverino, Amy Camie and John Camie

Special Thanks to:

* John Camie for his inspired gifts of wisdom into the evolution of our collective consciousness
* Ursula Goodenough and Sabine Waffenschmidt for being present in the space
* Frank H. Schwaiger and Leslie J. Laskey for the use of the Columbia Foundation
* To the Hills of Hartsburg, MO for their nurturing quiet, to the birds for their free song and to Mother Earth for providing such a beautiful thunderstorm.


all rights reserved



Amy Camie, CCM St. Louis, Missouri

My life is a tapestry of
deep spirituality, classical musical training, research development,
two journeys with breast cancer,
healing concerts & events,
hundreds of presentations on the power of music,
resonance, & conscious self-care, and
sharing original music that sings from the depths of my soul. www.AmyCamie.com
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